Why take on an apprentice?

Employers generally take on apprentices to grow their own qualified work force, or just believe that it is for the good of their industry.

What does an employer need to be?

The employer needs to have sufficient breadth of work to support the apprentice to learn how to be a good tradesperson.

For example, an electrical contractor employer needs to guarantee to give the apprentice experience in:

  • Installing cable support and protection
  • Installing and terminating Low Voltage cables
  • Installing and terminating Extra Low Voltage cables
  • Installing electrical apparatus (such as electrical accessories and power consuming/converting apparatus)
  • Servicing, fabricating and /or repairing apparatus
  • Testing apparatus and circuits
  • Performing electrical fault finding

The employer needs to guarantee the apprentice the opportunity and support to:

  • Work with a variety of different types of materials
  • Work with a variety of different types of apparatus
  • Utilise a variety of different methods and procedures/processes

The employer needs to guarantee appropriate supervision and support from a registered electrician:

  • Direct (when apprentice is first exposed to new work, is unsure, or if needed to manage a risk)
  • General (when apprentice is safe to practice and perfect skills without direct supervision yet may still need occasional assistance)
  • Broad (when apprentice is safe and competent at the task/s involved)
  • Click here to get the Supervision Guideline

The employer should support the apprentice to record and profile on the job experience by ratifying the apprentice’s profile submissions, and regularly discuss the progress of the training to ensure that the apprentice becomes the best tradesman that they can be.

How does the apprenticeship process work?

Please click here for further information on employing an apprentice or trainee in South Australia.

Hosting an apprentice through a Group Training Organisation

If you’re unwilling or unable to commit to employing an apprentice or trainee, you might consider hosting employees from a Group Training Organisation.

As a host you provide their on-job training and supervision of the apprentice or trainee for the period of time they work for you. You can host them for short or long periods to suit your business needs.

Please click here for further information on Group Training Organisations.